Possible initial reactions for kybun beginners

An ‘initial reaction’ is a perceptible, unpleasant reaction by the body to wearing a kybun shoe or standing on a kybun mat. These reactions can take three forms: fatigue, pain and ‘unpleasant feeling’.

Everyone reacts differently to the fantastic but unfamiliar ‘walking-on-air’ feeling. Nine out of ten people can wear the kybun shoe all day long right away and love the feeling and the effects. One in ten will experience ‘initial reactions’, and it is helpful to know what to do about them. We cannot say with certainty how the kybun shoe will affect you or how quickly you will experience your first successes. This is because wearing the kybun shoe ‘renovates’ your body.

Antalgic gait: Walking in normal shoes on flat surfaces protects the body instead of challenging it. This weakens the body instead of training it. Muscles become shorter and lose their sensomotoric abilities, among other things. Joints are improperly loaded. The entire system becomes susceptible to pain arising from overloading.

Natural gait: Walking barefoot on uneven, natural surfaces such as sand trains the entire musculoskeletal system with every step: power, coordination, sensomotoric ability, endurance, elasticity, etc. Joints are protected, and muscles, ligaments and tendons become healthy and robust.

Wearing the kybun shoe helps you to ‘switch gears’ from the antalgic gait to the natural gait. This transition is a smooth one in 90 per cent of cases. 10 per cent of users may experience temporary overloading reactions by immobile joints and weakened muscles, ligaments and tendons because after years of relieving postures, more time is needed to become accustomed to the new freedom of movement and the greater strength expenditure when wearing the kybun shoe.

There is nothing fundamentally bad about experiencing an initial reaction since this is actually a sign that the kybun shoe shoes are challenging the musculoskeletal system and locating the body’s weak points as well as its coordination and muscular deficits.

Problems that only arise some time after you begin wearing the kybun shoe shoes or problems that occur intermittently do not stem from general initial reactions. Click here for more information.